Push up 
Home trainer

for the ideal whole body workout

Butterfly/ Push Up
Home trainer

The invention is a multifunctional training device with varying degrees of difficulty.

The exercises on the innovative home trainer are primarily intended to strengthen the shoulder and chest muscles through push-ups. The device can also be used for other versatile applications for a holistic training (e.g. back area, arms, etc.).

Structure of the invention

The device consists of two parallel guides in which two push-up handles are moved from the outside to the inside. The device has three legs on the underside. A pulley is attached to each side, which are connected to the handles via a belt / wire rope / cable or pull straps. The degree of difficulty can be increased with an additional twist handle on each pulley.

Application of the Butterfly/ Push Up Home Trainer

The home trainer is positioned in the push-up position at chest level. Grasp the two handles on the outside and bring them to the centre of the machine in front of the chest. Between the legs of the home trainer there is are kind of loops in which the user can place his feet to fix the device to the floor.

The handles can also be removed from the guide, which allows for additional exercises. Such as squats, deadlifts, biceps curls, bent-over lat row, bent-over lateral raises, as well as shoulder raises, front raises and lateral raises.

The device is also suitable for fixing to the wall. This should also enable beginners to do the butterfly exercise standing and get to grips with the butterfly push-up. Another exercise that results from this is the so-called Butterfly Revers (similar to the bent-over lateral raise while standing upright) and various training possibilities for strengthening the rotator cuff. The three standing legs could serve as a wall attachment.

Muscle groups

varied training

e.g. push ups
Chest muscle

e.g. biceps curls
Arm muscles

e.g. shoulder lifts
Shoulder muscles

Advantages of the invention


Effective Training

All muscle groups can be effectively trained with the Butterfly/ Push Up home trainer. The training device offers the user a variety of exercises.

Training from home

Going to the gym or sports class is no longer necessary. With this device, a good training result can also be achieved from home.

Of course, the device can also be used in fitness facilities.

Individual adjustable

For training units on the butterfly/push up home trainer, the difficulty levels can be easily adjusted. This means that the difficulty level can be raised as the training success increases.

1 device & many exercises

With this invention, in addition to push-ups, exercises such as squats, deadlifts, biceps curls, bent-over lat rowing, bent-over lateral raises, as well as shoulder raises, front and lateral raises and butterfly (also reversed) can be performed.

3D visualizations


Property right

Utility model protection


shows the training device in cross-section

List of reference signs:

1. handle

2. belt/ wire rope / cable or tension straps
3. pulley
4. turning handle on the roller
5. guides/guide rail
6. support legs
7. device into which the exerciser can place his/her feet to fix the equipment
8. the device for fixing the equipment to the floor or wall

GER Utility model protection

DE 20 2021 002 971.0


Exercise equipment, characterised in that it consists of two parallel running guides/guide rails (5) with handles (1) mounted thereon and are guided horizontally from the outside to the inside, to which straps/wire ropes/ropes or ropes (2) are fastened to them, which are wound up on a roller (3) and locked by means of a and locked by means of a rotary handle (4).

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